Conquer the Clutter in Half the Time!

The Complete Guide to the Clean and Decluttered Home of Your Dreams!

This is the solution for you if:

  • Your home causes you stress and you feel like you will never catch up
  • There are no systems in place in your home to get it under control, let alone keep it that way
  • You feel like a failure because you just can't seem to get a handle on the clutter and mess
  • There just isn't enough time between caring for kids, life responsibilities, and housework to get around to making any real change.

You want to get control of your house once and for all. 

You feel like you're the only one cleaning and decluttering but everyone else continues to make a huge mess. 

As soon as you make any progress with decluttering or organizing, the kids tear out all of their toys and you're back to tripping over things every time you take a step.

Maybe you and your spouse can never seem to get on the same page about clutter and it's really starting to drive a wedge between you.

You're starting to feel defeated and think "what's the point in even trying" more often than you should.

I know the feeling. It wasn't that long ago that I was in the same spot you are right now.

I had a toddler at home and another baby on the way. My husband had a two hour commute every single day. It felt like we had no time for family-time, let alone cleaning. Plus, I was pregnant and exhausted. The house was always a disaster, we were tripping over everything, and our little house couldn’t keep up with all of the stuff we kept bringing into it. We were out of space and out of patience. I tried going to Target and buying tons of organizing products. I looked up before and after transformations on Pinterest and watched decluttering videos on Youtube. I would try to implement the same things in our home, but there just wasn’t enough space and I wondered how any of these women did it with small kids at home because there was just NO TIME! I felt defeated and completely overwhelmed. My patience was completely shot and I had no idea how we would juggle all of this with yet another small person running around undoing all of the progress I worked so hard to make. Honestly, I needed a change. I needed some kind of system to get everything under control and it needed to be simple. The time simply wasn’t there to keep up with some demanding cleaning and decluttering schedule that I kept finding online.  

There is an EASIER Way!

Maybe it was nesting that finally kicked in, maybe I just got desperate enough, but I decided to make one last ditch effort to get our house and belongings under control. I knew what I was doing wasn’t working. I’d tried it a million times and wasted countless hours implementing systems that fell apart as soon as my husband went back to work on Monday. I knew even as limited as my time was now, we were going to continue growing our family and I’d have even less time to keep our house in order. I needed stupid-simple ways to make this work for us. When Pinterest and Google failed me at giving me the answers I needed, I started to make lazy systems that I could do in the few minutes of alone time I had during the day. The rest of the things I could do with one hand while I had a baby on my hip. My family and our home are proof that there is an easier way. You CAN tackle the house that feels completely out of control and impossible right now. The best part? You can do it in the tiny bits of time you have throughout the day - and if you implement these systems, you CAN keep it that way!  

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Imagine What Life Would be Like If...

  • You could clean up any room in just 5 minutes a day. Using the decluttering rules I lay out for you here, that IS possible. My living room is proof positive that a room can go from complete disaster to company-ready in under 5 minutes. 
  • You can have clean laundry that actually gets put away and doesn’t just sit in laundry baskets.  
  • You can spend less time cleaning and more things doing what you actually enjoy - like raising your kids WITHOUT screaming at them for the 15th time to pick up their toys!  
  • You can have toys in your home without tripping over them or spending every waking minute cleaning them up.  
  • You can end your days relaxing instead of feeling guilty sitting down because there is so much still to be done.  
  • Imagine falling asleep at night without your mind racing about all of the things you didn’t get done today.  

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What Simple Living Mommy Readers Have to Say...

"This is the BEST advice for decluttering and cleaning, I have ever heard of!! I am going to do this first in the morning... I can not even begin to thank you for this great advice."

-Tracey T., Louisville, KY

"This is a true life saver!!! I was swamped in clutter and so overwhelmed that I lost hope of ever being able to conquer my clutter monster! Thank you!"


"I just came across your advice and wow….what a game changer. I have 5 kids, 4 at home and the idea of not folding towels blew my mind!  

Thanks for the tips to make the house more manageable so we can get out and enjoy the summer!"